Left to right: Celestiaa, and Algion

Redarch. The coolest old man you will ever meet. He can out dance anyone.

Drongol. oh wait, the player of Drongol The grumpy dwarf.

Left to right: Collettea, Chasitee, and Khrinahd. let the rumors fly...

Left to right: Algion, and GM Veyl

Left to right: Khrinahd, Shadowar, and Valadimir.

Left to right: Collettea, Khrinahd, and Valadimir.

$120 worth of budweiser, Rolling rock, and some fucked up Irish lager...
the party was on its way saturday night.

Left to right: some GS girl(her and aldaren had a fling going), Valadimir,
and Algion (dipping in for another beer)

Left to right: Nimmo, and Algion.

Left to right: GM Tribanin, GM Nemraesha, Chasitee, and Collettea.

Left to right: Aldaren being shy, Algion, and the side of Khrinahd's head.

Left to right: Gwenevere, Aldaren, and Tweezy.

Left to right:Algion, and Khrinahd, after khrin threatened algion for stealing his #1
spot on the top average ranged weapon board, in the lang ranger guild

Left to right: Old GM Royce, AKA: GM Majorly